Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness

Ryan started his Bug Ball Soccer Class and LOVES it!

These are his new friends. Ryan was so funny he kept being goofy so this little girl would giggle. She kept giggling and giggling and had the cutest little giggle. Oh Dear~ Trouble in the making.... my handsome little blue-eyed charmer. :) She sure thought he was special.

This is so much fun! Ryan, and all the kiddos, had a blast!
We can't wait until next time!

Good Morning Baby Bear!

We had no idea that Mark was in bed with us this morning. Ha!
He had crawled in and made himself a nest between us.

So Cute!

I peeked in to the living room and they were watching a cartoon and they were all being "friends." Sometimes they are so darling togehter. :)

Napping baby... oh so precious

Jo Jo & Ju Ju
7 1/2 months & 8 months old
Giggle, giggle, squeal, squirm

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who lost their Leprechaun $?

Green Eggs and Ham! Yum!

A Leprechaun came and brought us dinner tonight! On the menu was everything GREEN we could find! Green Eggs & Ham & Cheese rolled up in green spinich tortillas and shamrock shaped breadsticks w/ green sprinkles, green jello w/ green whip cream for it, and green apples, grapes, and kool-aid, green salad w/ green peppers and cucumbers (& tomatoes) and of course for dessert.... mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)

Earlier in the day we had a lucky Leprechaun treasure hunt. The kids scrambled around hunting for chocolate coins that the Leprechaun had left behind. :) Fun!

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Dadadadada" ~ Joshua is 7 months old

Joshua Says "Dada"

I had to upload all of these photos because Joshua has a little bit different smile in each one and they are ALL SOOOO CUTE! :)

Okay, so Eric says it has to go down on the books as the offical day of Joshua's 1st WORD! "Dada." He repeats it after you say it and even curls his little tongue up in his mouth just right to the top of his mouth to say... "dadadada." So cute. :) Mark down the day! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday thoughts...

The ponderings of an ‘almost’ 30 year old mother of 4.

I sit and ponder what life will be like with I am 30. I actually am looking forward to it! As funny as that might sound... I am looking forward to a “SLOWER” paced life after 30. Maybe my life will NEVER slow down... but I guarantee I will be able to SLEEP more in my next 30 years! At 30 there are lots of things I look forward to. Some of my biggest birthday wishes are in my ponderings today as I clean up after my kiddos.

I sit today and ponder what life will be like 3, 4, 5 months from now when my precious and final baby is too old for all of the enormous baby toys, gadgets, and necessities and I am a 30 year old woman, wife, and mother of 4. Let's see... for how many years has my home been consumed with these gihugic (nice word, Christell) items? Too many! I remember a favorite quote of mine that I said to my mom when Marky was a little baby. "We need to get rid of some of this furniture in here so we can move more baby stuff in." She was shocked! She thought I was going to say that we needed to get rid of some of the baby stuff in our living room and instead, I honestly thought we needed to get rid of some of the furniture to make more room for MORE baby stuff that Marky was going to be interested in soon. Those HUGE toys take up so much space!So... Joshua is now 7 months old. He is on the brink of not needing several gigantic items. Here is my top 10 list of things I can’t wait to never see again in my home after I turn 30...
or at least until Joshua turns 1!
The first to go will be NO LATER than by my 30th birthday in June:
1. The baby bathtub.... get it out of my bathroom forever! Woo hoo!
That one will probably go any day now. :)
2. The lay-under dome toy thing with all the stuff that hangs down.
3. The bouncer chair/toy - he still plays in it though... but it's on the way out soon (I hope)
4. THE SWING! Oh, the beloved swing. I love the swing. It has always been my favorite baby item even though it is SO STINKIN' huge. It is so worth every penny. And, it is SOOO worth having the one that PLUGS IN TO THE WALL!! But.... it's gotta go some day, right?
5. The EXTRA baby POUNDS would be nice to get rid of forever! I am working on that and doing alright... however, by my birthday I want to have a good amount of that gone forever!
6. His BABY CARSEAT carrier thingy. Okay, so this will hopefully be gone BEFORE my birthday, but you have to remember that I have 4 children and having one in a carry-able pod that can be set down and won't run off at the grocery store... is fantastic. Actually, if they weren't so heavy I'd say give me 3 more of those things... or at least one! Just kidding! However, I will not miss the huge safety pod sitting on the floor in my kitchen. Ta Da! As soon as he can sit up better so that he can handle a grocery cart... he is graduating to the big boy seat. :)
Things to go by HIS BIRTHDAY: 08/08/09
7. The GIANT CIRCUS EXERSAUCER! Oh that day will be so wonderful. That is one of the biggest toys ever and it is always in the middle of the living room. It is so nice because it confines, yet entertains! The tray provides a nice place for some cheerios or what not and it even has a sippy cup holder. This is the greatest thing for travel (camping). Especially when they are teetering on a year old. They can walk, but not that well or they crawl through the dirt eating the gravel at the campground. This item is the best for camping. I wish they made one big enough for Marky!
8. The WALKER. Okay, so I know they are sooooo dangerous, right? But we have a one level house so no chance of falling to a horrible tragedy. I am almost hoping the little cutie walks early so this can go away sooner! No chance of that more than likely since he has no desire to get moving and is just fine with his wiggly-roll mobility.
9. The big basket of burp-clothes and bibs that has made it's home under my living room end table for the past 2 years. :)~
10. The giant changing table out of my bedroom! Woo hoo! Finally at some point he will be too big to worry about putting him up on a changing table and we can just use the floor or HEY, better yet..... he can use the toilet! :)
Okay, so that is my birthday wish-list of all thing things I wish would go
away for my birthday!

Bring on 30... I could really use some sleep!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Hero

Our Community Hero~

Eric was honored today as a Community Hero in the area of Education. :) He saved a boys life back in September who was choking at lunch and had begun to turn blue. :) Today he was awarded an engraved Red Cross medallion, a placque, and a personal thank you letter from Congressman Brian Baird. :) Very cool. Plus, a great breakfast in a room with 500 people. It was a very nice set-up and a great presentation. The DVD is awesome and moving, so just in case you ever want to get goosebumps.... come watch it! :)

Me & My Hero :)

This is the kid whose life he saved! Good job, Coach Dodge!

This is "Cody the Dog." He was the PET HERO. He saved his owners life when he woke her up when she was sleeping through her house burning to the ground.
Cute, eh? :)

This was the little girl who was the "Youth Hero." She is only 6 years old and she saved her baby brother and herself when their van went over an embankment. They were alone in a parked running car in her driveway. When it rolled down the driveway and off the road. So cute. :)

There were 4 others and they were all AMAZING and touching and goosebump giving stories. What amazing people we have in our community and in our own family! :)

What the Hey-Diddle?

I have a friend who scans funny things that her little (I think 2nd graders) turn in to her. Things of hilarity, confusion, and questinoable nature. So.... I decided to scan a recent item that Kellie came home with. :) Ha!

Puff the Magic Dragon? What they heck? Okay, on Kellie's behalf she does LOVE the book Puff the Magic Dragon (you know... who lived by the sea). Anyway.... this came home from school the other day and it was of questionable nature. After asking Kellie to "Tell me about her drawing" she stated that the questionable thing is the the green dragon. Okay. Okay. I understand. Anyway, we thought it was a very questionable "dragon" and also the fact that it had a friend's phone number written on the top left hand corner of it was only adding to the confusion in my mind. Things that make you go "hhmmm......".

I think we will invest in an art class for her so she can sharpen her drawing skills. Perhaps LEGS on the "Dragon" would have added to the picture. :)

~ Stinkin' Cute Kid ~

Big Gummy Grins!
Such a cute little baby boy! :)
March 5th, 2009
7 Months old

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A busy busy March .... And it has only yet begun!

Sarah and Juliet and Ryan, Marky, Joshua & Myself all went to the mall today. The boys had fun running around playing while Joshua was over on the bench trying to make his move with little Miss Juliet! He has his hand on her leg... but based on her smile, I think she approves!

Joshua is not sure if he likes Juliet better or his TOES better! :) Such a cute little pair, don't you think? They are so stinkin' cute! :)

Birthday Balloons! Woo hoo! :) We love balloons!

Our little Jack-0-Lantern! Kellie lost her first "naturally lost tooth" the other day. She had a very wiggly bottom tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy! :)

We keep teasing her about not being able to eat corn-on-the-cob this summer! :) Ha ha!~

Juliet and Joshua just smiling their day away! :) Cute!

Ju-Ju says, "what in the heck is this weird giant thing that just licked me???"

We are so happy! :) So Smiley! I watched Juliet the other day for a bit for Sarah and the babies had fun smiling for pictures! :)

Daddy & his little peanut buddy. :)

Kellie and Ryan enjoying some birthday celebration Cake and Ice Cream! YUM!

Grandpa and Grandma being goofy with Kellie, Marky, and Joshua. Joshua is driving his "horsey," Kellie. :) Grandpa is driving his "burro," Marky. :)

Grandpa and his little buddy. :)

Grammy and HER baby boy. :)

Happy Birthday Marky!

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday Dear MARKY.... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
MMmm... Cake! :)
On Sunday, March 1st our little twerpy cutie-pie turned a big 2 years old!

ELMO Laptop! :)

This shirt says it all. :)

What is it, Marky? :)