Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Beautiful Babies!

Fall Photo Shoot ~ 2009
I choose to take the kids to JCPenny or Sears for their school photos because they are so much cheaper and turn out so much better! You never know what you are going to get when you pay $40 bucks for school pictures and they get one quick, "Smile!" . This year I decided to take photos of the kids outside for their school photos. :) I think they turned out so good. I took about 40 photos of each child and then selected the best. :) Here is my "Best of.... School Photos Fall 2009!" I think there might be a couple other cute random ones in there, too! :) Enjoy!

I love this photo of Ryan.... he is so stinkin' cute! Love his little ears... my little monkey man!


WOW! I love this pic! Fantastic picture, Ryan! :) You are so grown up and so handsome!

Such a good smile on such a cute boy!

Our happy little baby! Cute little toes!

Marky giving JuJu a little kissy!

I was watching Juliet this afternoon, so she made it in to the photo shoot, too! :)

Love my little Joshy!

Ju Ju and Jo Jo sittin' in a tree... or at least in front of one. :)

This one is my favorite, although I loved them all! :)

Our Second Grade Princess Girly!
Our Grand Prize Winner photo! :)

Kellie really gets in to a photo shoot. Half of her's (mostly I didn't post on here) are extra Hollywood style photos! :) Our little model!


This was my first photo shoot with Joshua. It was a couple days before the other ones, and the wind was blowing really hard and he was totally distracted by .... everything! But isn't he cute?

Gonna sample this apple. :)

Here he is pondering life's great ponderings.... all the important things in the life of a 1 year old.

I hope you enjoyed my beautiful kiddo's photos~ They are such a joy in my life!