Monday, April 27, 2009

~ Twilight ~

Okay, Okay, so I admit it. I bought Twilight after a bunch of ladies from church peer pressured me in to it. They kept telling me I would LOVE it! Then Eric and I both read the first 10 pages or so and then stopped. **On a side note, he only read it because we were traveling and he had nothing else to do, but he did think it was interesting. Anyway, it never entranced me in the first 10 pages and a newly mother of 4 doesn't find a lot of "me" time to just sit around in peace and read for pleasure. Anyway, then on mine and Eric's anniversary we were at the Kennedy School Theater and it was on so we watched it and we both admit it was a very good movie. Okay, so home I went that VERY same night and opened my Twilight book and okay..... I admit it... I have an addiction! I read the entire book lickidy split... all 525 pages of it (if you count the teaser chapter at the end that makes it so you officially HAVE to buy the next book). Anyway, so I must admit that I have read 300 pages in the last two days. I am sick and have been up until 1pm each night the past few nights. I need sleep to recoop from my "swine flu" just kidding... just an allergy cold. Anyway, now I am off to the bookstore to buy the other two. :) When is the next movie coming out??? :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

So Tired

Eggstra fun day! We had a late Easter Party and the weather was FABULOUS! It was perfect. Sunny and warm and a perfect day for the kiddos to play outside the whole time! They rode biles, four-wheelers, scooters, the Jeep, and had a huge egg hunt! :) We BBQ-ed and ate some great food that everyone brought!~ It was so much fun!~

Run Ricky, Run!

Umm.... this doesn't look promising. Marky is our "special" child who does things his own way! :) Ha ha!

I think we found all the eggs now! :)

Next year Joshua will be running to find eggs too. This year he just watched the frenzy of crazy egg hunters! :)

Checking out their loot! Kellie, Kyra, Ricky, Ryan, Kaylia, Maliyah, C.J., and Mark-bones.

~Rub a dub dub, two monkeys in the tub~

Me and Jo-Jo at Kellie's riding lesson.

Believe it or not, we did not pose them like this. Juliet is crawling now so she crawled over to him and then went to sit back upright and happened to sit right here! We did not move them at all. We thought it was hilarious and grabbed the camera for a photo shoot. Too cute! :)

So cute. This is right before Juliet started to crawl over Joshua's legs and then sit down on his lap. :)

Go Kellie GO! :)

Lookin' good Sweet Pea! :)

Hang on, Kellie!

Zooming around the arena!

Kellie is getting so good and confident. Trinket is a stinker sometimes and pulls really hard against the reins and pulled Kellie right out of the saddle at this lesson. Biff... on to the ground. That is the second time Kellie has fallen off the horse, but she is a good girl and gets right back on. She is a tough little cookie and we have warned her that falling off is part of the game. It's gonna happen whether it is her fault of the horses... it is gonna happen. :) Of course at the moment she fell off I didn't have my camera ready... dang it!

Goofy girl!

So giggly! :) Joshua had been sick and not feeling well for a few days and tonight he was feeling MUCH better and was busy busy rolling all over the place and smiley and giggly and ticklish. :)


Stopping for just a quick second to take a taste of my delicious toes! :)

Roly Poly Oly!

Smiley little man feels so much better now! :)

So cute! Mama's little sweet cheeks! :)

Uuhhhhh.... we know Marky is "special"

Don't they look so tiny up there! C.J. and Ryan. :)

Climbing up on the huge stump!

Happy Easter! Mr. E. Bunny came! :)
I want to eat this grass.... Oh No!

Happy Easter! I love chocolate! Yum. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Joshua, do you feel like you are the cheese and mommy and daddy are the bread?

~ Sweet Cheekies~

What a bunch of nuts!

Take Note: 10 adults and 9 children, all looking forward at the camera at the same time with nice looks on their faces! AMAZING!
One question: Where the heck did Katie go? I know she was there, but she didn't make it in this picture! Where are you, Katie???

~Me and My Sweeties~

Our little Easter Bunny!

Mrs. Anderson's 1st grade class Easter Egg Hunt!

They filled their home-made 2-liter bottle baskets and then stuffed their hoods and pockets! Mrs. Anderson filled and decorated with sharpie markers 450 EGGS!!!! CRAZY!

We got lucky with the weather... no rain even though it looked like it wanted to!

Ryan was on his way to preschool but was invited by Mrs. Anderson to stay and go for the hunt! Lucky little boy! Therefore, he wasted no time and RAN as fast as he could!
Look at that action photo! :) This guy can run when he knows candy is involved!

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Dodge's house! WOW!

Ryan always in action when he knows the prize is chocolate!

Kellie's RUNNING too! :)

Wrestling Practice!
What are you doing, Marky? I don't think that was the instruction.

Get-em Ryan! Check out Ryan's face! :) He's got "the look."

Ryan getting an elbow to the face as Marky fights to take him down. :)

Daddy w/ some of the guys. This is J-Bird's very first wrestling practice!

What a stinker! :) I'm trying to give her a kiss and she is being a silly bear! :)

Our Princess spent most of the wrestling practice twirling around in her little spring dress. :) Such a girl.

Super Fun! Wheelbarrow racing! :)

Ryan's turn!
Soccer Time!

Soccer Girl!