Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturdays are made for playing!

Portland Children's Museum - Saturday Field Trip! :)
Fun!! We went with Sarah and Juliet to the museum to play the day away! It was a great time and a wonderful day! :)
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Our busy world

Joshua Paul Dodge is 6 months old now! : )

Cute Boys! :) ** Of course, Ryan has a Valentine candy. :)

Ryan is a nut! He is going to be in the circus some day! :) ha!
He is eating his sucker with his toes!

Ryan was suppsed to be sleeping and when we went in to check on him he was chewing something. We asked him what he was eating and he unveiled his bowl of popcorn that he had smuggled in to his bed with him. Then an hour later we went in to do the final tuck-in before we went to bed and found him reading books by night-light. What a night-owl! :)

A TRUE PRINCESS even SLEEPS with her crown on! :)
Our goofy kiddos and their funny sleeping antics. :)

~My Hero~Eric is being honored as "Community Hero" from the American Red Cross. They chose 6 heros from 6 different categories and he was chosen. He saved a childs life at Covington a few months ago when the kid was choking at lunch. Now we get to go to a big Community Hero breakfast on March 6 at the Hilton where there will be a total of 500 guests there to see the 6 heros! WOW! No pressure, Eric! Each Hero has a corporate sponsor and his is Vesta Hospitality Group that owns several hotels. We met with some of the big-wigs from their corporation and Eric had to shine in his glory for them. :) There were some other AMAZING Hero stories there as well including a little 6 year old girl that saved her and her baby brothers life after their van went over an enbankment. Gave me goosebumps! :) His portrait was taken and will be hanging on the wall in some important building for the year. He will also receive a medal of honor and a TROPHY for his heroic life-saving act. WOW, they don't mess around, do they? Eric, you have always been my hero!

Me and My Hero!

Goofin' Around

Joshua is now on the move! Watch out world, here I come!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to me from my sweetie! I made him heart shaped brownies and we had an awesome dinner that Eric made for me. A HEART-SHAPED RIB EYE and stuffed portabella mushrooms and amazing shrimp and jalapeno cheese bread. What a man!

When Joshua was sick last weekend he was such a snuggle-bear. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Cutie-Pies!

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Kellie Leighann
Ryan Nicholas

Mark Lee

Joshua Paul

Monday, February 16, 2009


6 months and so so cute! :)

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Happy Day!
Misti :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Fun

It's a Camp-in! Daddy, Kellie, Ryan, and Marky had a campout Thursday night. It was so cute. Kellie and Ryan each set up their own tents and Marky just climbed all over Eric. Daddy was going to sleep on the floor and then decided that Kellie's mattress wasn't very heavy and would be way more comfy than the floor. :) It was a fun night! Joshua and I slept in our beds.... we were very comfy! :)

Well, this is our son Mark. He is a twerp and a cute one at that. At least he is totally cute, he has that going for him. At this point, he is mostly twerp. :) Today I made some sugar-free Kool-aid and had it sitting on the counter and well, all a sudden I hear what sounds like a wave hitting the floor. Yep, he had moved a chair and was going to get himself a drink. He immediately started pulling off his jammies and screaming "uh-oh, mama, I spilled." I ran to his aid and then realized, I needed a picture first. :) Ha! :) Yes, bleach does get red stains off of counter-tops. :) I LOVE BLEACH! I buy it at Costco ... that's how much I love it!

Oh, and only 2 weeks until Marky's 2nd birthday. He has 6 teeth in, and two that just cut through in the past two days. One of which was a molar. He has been so grumpy!

Here is Marky in a quiet moment. I am not saying that none of the books got ripped, but he was so quiet and reading and singing to himself. He had about 30 books all over the floor. :)

My Blue-Eyed Bear :) What a great smile! :) So cute!

Sicky Bear Joshua

Joshua is currently a sick little puppy with a bad cold. He has the usual crud that is going around. Marky had it last weekend and the kids had a bit of a cough during the week and now poor baby bear has it. Bummer. He was finding some snuggle time with Daddy earlier today.

At Joshua's 6 month check-up last week he weighed in at 19 lbs. 2 oz. and was 27.5 inces long. He was perfect as can be. :)

February goofballs

Joshua finally decided he wanted to eat some cereal and bananas. Only for Daddy this once. Then the next day I tried again and he wasn't interested. Just not into eating food! :) Kellie and Trinket!

Kellie at her riding lesson last week. She is doing so well and is fearless! Angela put a pole down for her to trot over and Kellie was all excited when Trinket hopped over it a bit. She said "can we put another one there so she will jump higher?" Angela told her "not yet." :) We need more practice before we start jumping! :) She loves it!

Grandma Wait's dear elderly friend, Helen, who is 90 years old!! made this super cute little hat, mittens, sweater, and bunting for baby Jo-Jo. He looks sooooo stinkin' cute in it! He was such a happy boy for his photo shoot in his precious hand-made outfit!

The string tie touched his lippy and now he wants to eat it!

Kellie and Mama

Ryan and Mama