Monday, December 7, 2009

Whoop Whoop!

It's the end of my month of running again. I go from the 7th to the 6th of each month because I started running like a mad-woman on the 7th of September. So, here is my updated total: This last month I ran 58 miles for an average of 2 miles per day. :) Wooo hoo! I ran 5 miles at a time several times. :) Crazy. And then here is the really crazy stuff: I have ran 121 miles in the past 3 months! NUTS! Eric said yesterday, "why don't you just run to Utah!?!" :) I have now lost 19 lbs total. I only lost a few more this month, but that's okay, I had a delicious Thanksgiving weekend! :) I am getting better and faster and can run farther, but I am too A.D.D. for that and start getting bored, so we'll see. :) I am running on a treadmill because I run while Joshy is sleeping. I watch the Price is Right a lot while I run becuase it doesn't require any sound to figure out what is going on and I can listen to my mp3 player while I watch it. I am aspiring to be one of Drew's Beauties some day... ha ha! :)
Well, I will check in with ya in another month.
A couple other exciting updates! :) Eric's wrestling team is almost done and they won the League title on Friday and then Saturday they worked super hard and dominated at the Clark County Wrestling Tourney (third year in a row). :) So.... now they have one more tournament this Saturday which will be Districts, and in theory they should completely dominate again, but in the past this tournament has proved to be a challenge as it is at the end of the season and kids get sick, injured, or in trouble. So... we are keeping our fingers crossed that he can take all three titles! :) Woo hoo! Way to go Eric!
Marky was super easy to potty train. He is doing so well! He tells us for both #1 and #2 and even wakes up dry most of the time in the mornings (in diaper at night, of course). Good job Mr. Marky!
Joshua was up this morning fussy as ever and I felt in his mouth and he finally cut his two top molars at the same time! Ugh! Still have the bottoms ones to go, so wish us luck! :) Poor little guy.
Ryan's growing like a weed and growing out of all his pants! Finally, we are glad to see he is growing! :) He doesn't eat much and we keep telling him he has to eat if he wants to get big! :)
Kellie and Ryan are both doing soccer again and having a great time and getting so much better! Ryan is a little star player... he really gets in there and plays hard!
Kellie earned a math award at school and there is a picture of her down below. :) Such a smartie pants girl!
Funny things they say: Kellie and I were driving the other day and we saw a truck with some suede couches in the back. You could see the hand prints where people had been touching it to load it up or whatever because it's suede. She said, "I don't like those kinds of couches, you know, the fingerprint kind." I responded, "you mean suede?" She replied, "yes, I don't like that kind. I only like the regular kind of couch, you know, the regular leather kind." I had to laugh because our poor kids don't even remember having basic cloth couches! Oh dear---- look out future husband of Kellie's, you better have a good job! :)
As we like to say in our house: The Holidays are here, it's time for a cheer! (just kiding, that is the first line of Kellie's holiday cheer from her cheerleading class (last year) and it is permanently engraved on our brains. Ugh! Forever.) :)
Trying to get photos for our Christmas cards is always a challenge, but still, we make it fun!

Play Dough!



Marky and Joshua visit the dentist! This was their first time and they were awesome and had so much fun and got lots of prizes!

Ryan's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. Yum Yum.
Kellie got a special Math award at school along with her Quality Work award that she earns every month for doing such good work!

Messy face, but still so stinkin' cute!