Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is...

Life is so fun. With the sunny weather we have gotten out and about. We went to the dog park last week, planted our garden on Sunday afternoon, played outside, visited Grandma and Grandpa Wait, and enjoyed the warmth! The kids had another camp-in the other night with their tents. Kellie, Ryan and Marky are in soccer again and that is super fun! Kellie is still riding her pony. I have been working every day lately. The past 4 days I was in 8th grade Science and Math at Cascade for a teacher I used to work with who was out of town. It was fun. When I am in the same room for several days in a row it always makes me really miss having my own classroom again. It is fun to bond with the kids, even if they are 8th graders. :) They were really good actually and it was quite enjoyable. :) Plus, I got a lot of reading time in on my 2nd around of the Twilight books. I'm halfway through the 2nd book now, which I must say is my least favorite of them, yet I am still sucked in! How is that possible? Eric has been working like a crazy man lately, too. We are planning a trip to MEXICO this summer at the end of June. We are soooo looking forward to the warm sandy beaches and the incredibly warm ocean water! Also, I will not be pregnant this time so we are looking forward to a few EXTREME sports while we are down there! Hey, we have life insurance, right? :) In the meantime we are trying to avoid the Swine Flu! :) We are planning a camping trip for this weekend at Pacific City. We are keeping our fingers crossed for DRY. Cold is fine, but DRY!! PLEASE DRY!!! :) We will be enjoying the indoor pool and hopefully get down to play on the beach. Woo hoo! 1 month of school left!!! YAY for SUMMER!~ That also means only 1 month left of my 20's. UGH! Oh well, my next 30 years are bound to be wonderful and I am looking forward to it!
We went to the dog park last week with Christell and Bailey. We found these great logs and the kids immediately ran to climb on them. So did Durango, so I grabbed my phone to take a picture. So cute...
Just as I snapped the 2nd photo, this "stranger dog" jumped up on the log and decided to taste Marky. Hhmm... he probably had some type of lunch still in his hair so I am sure he was yummy. It cracked me up because not only did this random dog just lick him in the face, but I caught it on camera AND the dog happens to look exactly like my parents dog. It is as if Lucy was there with us too! :)

Joshy looking so cute in his hat on the super warm Saturday we had last weekend. We were over at my parents house visiting. :)

Before church on Sunday. Here we are looking all hot stuff and everything!

What a great looking group of munchkins! :) Ryan - 4.5 years, Kellie - 6.5 years, Marky 2 years, and Joshua 9 months.

The other day I came in to the living room and they were all three glued to the show they were watching, but I noticed that they were all sitting there with sport balls in their hands, so I went to get the camera. :) Hhmm.... Coach Daddy was so proud!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunshine, Blue Sky, Natural Warmth, Beautiful Blooms

Marky on Kellie's 4-wheeler! He is a maniac! :) No fear in this boy... none!


And the lion fell in love with the lamb.

Okay, so now I am almost done with book #4. They have all been very good. Eric told me the other day that he thinks it is an unhealthy obsession! Okay, so I almost done and then I will have to patiently wait for the next book and MOVIE! :) While I patiently wait, I can read the series again and I am already planning on it. Okay, so maybe it is an obsession, but it is a good one. It is like going off in to another world for a while. It is awesome. I forgot how much I miss reading books for pleasure! :) I have to laugh at all the people who have confessed to me via e-mail that they are also obsessed. They felt silly posting a comment on here. :) HA! You guys are the best!! :) Love you all!