Thursday, March 11, 2010

What month is it?

Alrighty, I know I haven't updated this in a couple of months.... bad me. So here are some random photos from the last couple of months! :) Enjoy!


Okay, weird sign I saw while leaving the post office. The Big Foot tavern apparently has a great special on Chicken Gizzards! Mmm.....

Vegas baby?

We love kids! Vote for us!

Okay, once ever 6 months or so I get the iron out and go crazy. Eric thought it imporant to document this event. :)
Playdough time!

Best Buddies Oliver and Durango.... they are so funny. Seriously, best best buddies!

Okay, so let's say he was "unsupervised."

Joshy needed a new pillow case so I ended up making them all a new one. :) They turned out so cute!

This one is Marky's Pillow! Ryan's pillow!
Kellie's Pillow!

Joshua's Pillow!

Joshy's loves to go shopping and Oliver was going with him this time. So cute!

Kellie wanted to sit in the highchair today.... what a goof! Joshy thought it was pretty funny!

Soup.... mom made the cereal bowl that has a straw on it, even better! Added an extra straw so that he wouldn't have to tip the bowl to drink the soup broth. Weird... but it works! :)

Eric is so sweet and he surprised me with a winter bouquet. He even put it in this cute little Marky boot. I thought it was beautiful! :)

Eric's team won all three titles this year. Then Eric was awarded with the 4A Middle School Coach of the Year award up in Tacoma! :) Way to go!!!

** I ran 51.5 miles this last month bringing my 6 month total to 269 miles ran! :) Whoop Whoop!

Ryan and Marky recently attended their first official wrestling tournament. They both had so much fun and Ryan earned a cool "Gold Medal" for his participation. Marky didn't get one because he was actually too young to be in it, but of course, Daddy snuck him in. :)

Don't they look tough?

Joshy says, "I wanna wrestle too!"

Ryan's ready to go work hard!

Marky lookin' cute!

Kellie lost her other front tooth! She let momma pull it out (at winco actually). So now she is really toothless. I keep teasin' her that she won't be able to eat any corn on the cob this summer! YIKES! She's so cute!

Oliver and his best friend, Durango. They sleep together, play together, lay around and enjoy the fire together. Oliver has discovered that Durango flaps her tail against the ground even when she is just sitting or laying around. He LOVES her tail and chases it and bites on it and attacks it. They cuddle up at night or during naps together on her bed. Too funny. The other night I went to go pick up Kellie and Ryan and Durango usually gets to come with me. But this time Oliver jumped in the car too. So off I went with Marky, Joshua, Durango (dog), and Oliver (cat), to pick up Kellie and Ryan. They all did great in the car, it was a little weird, but the kiddos were sooo excited to have a funny farm in the car!

Goofy boy loves playing soccer!

Ryan, giving me a 4 on his hand..... meaning he just scored his 4th goal of the game! Way to go my little soccer star boy!


Kellie passing out snacks that we brought after her game.

I put Joshua in his highchair to eat lunch and came back a minute later and he had fallen asleep. Too cute. He didn't want lunch, only a nappy. He was so sweet. I carried him like a limp little new baby to his bed. :)

Kellie and the family just after her soccer game. We all came to cheer her on!

Run, Kellie, Run! :)

Came in and found Rocky napping with Joshua. He was originally on Joshy's pillow, but by the time I got the camera I had disrupted him enough and he had moved, but it was still cute!

Joshua is now 19 months old! What a growing little weed. He weighs in now at: 26 lbs and is 33 inches tall.