Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stinkin' cute kids

Our Cuties!
Kellie - 6.5 years
Ryan - 4.5 years
Marky - 2 years
Joshua - 11 months

Kitten, which we did not keep, but that Marky was crazy about for the 3 days we had her at our house. Eric went to pick up the babysitter and came home with a babysitter and a kitten. He claims he was pressured. He hates cats, so it was very weird. Anyway, we took her back as we didn't want another cat just now. Rocky is a great cat and he was miffed that she was around. Why mess with perfection, when everyone is harmonious, leave it alone! :)

I'm Crawling!!!

Here I come.... while laughing my little cheeks off!

Look out mom... I am on the move!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Need a SUPER hand made card?

Check out my best friend Sarah's new business! She is SOOOOOO talented and makes the best crafty things ever. Check out her blog and see some samples! She is just getting started so it is small now, but she will be growing I am sure! She can make pretty much anything, just ask her. You won't be disappointed with her work, she is super talented and has very quality products!

Check her out:
There is also a link on my blog that you can just click on!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life's a Beach!

So we had to risk our lives to get the family photo, but it was worth it! What a great photo! The only thing that could make it better is if I could edit out Eric's shirt words. Dumb. Oh well.
Some of our treasures!

One sleepy little beach bum!

Crazy find, Ryan!

Hunting for sea treasures!

Ooh..... a whole family of baby crabs. Joshua's not sure what to think of them.

Me and my baby cutie pie.

Two of my sweet hearts who were brave enough to climb up on the rock first for a photo! :)

So cute!

Where are you? We are so small in this Giant Grand World! :)

Where's Ryan?

Hi Joey!

Cool Starfish!

Playing in the water!

I thought this was a neat photo.

Hi Baby!

Movie night in the camper! We watched the Tale of Despereaux.

Joshua's ready to drive!

Um..... yeah.

Sand creatures.

A Family of Feet! Can you guess who's is whose?

We love the beach. What a great trip to the beach. We got to to down to the beach 3 times to play in the sand, play in the surf, and treasure hunt. It was perfect weather. :) Yeah!

So cute! Looking at the kids splash and scream in the ocean. It was cold!!! but that didn't stop them!

Crazy sea creatures!

Buurrr.... but so much fun!

Durango (our doggie) was obsessed with the water! She about died every evening of exhaustion. I don't think she ever stopped running and jumping the whole time we were on the beach! :)

Can you find 1 Ryan in this photo? Where's Waldo? Camping fun!

Yeah! :) Happy Boy cut a 3rd tooth while we were camping!

Zooooommming down the hill!

Kellie's a good big sister and was helping Marky and Joshua play too!
ZZZOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! Zooming crazy bike riders!

Friday, July 3, 2009

We survived!

So, we are back from Mexico and had a blast! :) We avoided the Swine Flu and the drug wars and had the best time! We lived on the edge and made some money while we were down there (Getting our Time Share on!). We experienced lots of new adventures and had the time of our lives! All of our entertainment was free from the time shares plus all of our spending money. How to Vacation For FREE by. Eric Dodge. :) The only down fall of the whole trip was that the beds were hard as ROCKS so Eric was pretty sore the whole time and had to take it easy. Oh well... Christell and I had the times of our lives! We went on an ATV Jungle tour, went Para sailing WAY above the ocean and could see forever! We all took a Party Boat ride 45 minutes up the coast and went to a remote island that has no electricity and is lit by 3500 CANDLES (Survivor island style) and enjoyed a great Native Show and AMAZING dinner. Actually, all of the food was amazing! We didn't have anything we didn't like. Those Mexicans sure know how to Party and Eat! Christell and I went on the zip lines up to 300 feet above the Mexican jungle. It was exhilarating and sooooo much fun! We felt like we were on the Amazing Race or something! Anyway, all was a great time and I highly recommend Puerto Vallarta to anyone! :) Woo hoo! :)

Now that we are home it is time to potty train Marky. Ugh!