Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stinkin' cute kids

Our Cuties!
Kellie - 6.5 years
Ryan - 4.5 years
Marky - 2 years
Joshua - 11 months

Kitten, which we did not keep, but that Marky was crazy about for the 3 days we had her at our house. Eric went to pick up the babysitter and came home with a babysitter and a kitten. He claims he was pressured. He hates cats, so it was very weird. Anyway, we took her back as we didn't want another cat just now. Rocky is a great cat and he was miffed that she was around. Why mess with perfection, when everyone is harmonious, leave it alone! :)

I'm Crawling!!!

Here I come.... while laughing my little cheeks off!

Look out mom... I am on the move!

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Katie said...

I love the pics of all the kids together. So cute!