Sunday, February 15, 2009

February goofballs

Joshua finally decided he wanted to eat some cereal and bananas. Only for Daddy this once. Then the next day I tried again and he wasn't interested. Just not into eating food! :) Kellie and Trinket!

Kellie at her riding lesson last week. She is doing so well and is fearless! Angela put a pole down for her to trot over and Kellie was all excited when Trinket hopped over it a bit. She said "can we put another one there so she will jump higher?" Angela told her "not yet." :) We need more practice before we start jumping! :) She loves it!

Grandma Wait's dear elderly friend, Helen, who is 90 years old!! made this super cute little hat, mittens, sweater, and bunting for baby Jo-Jo. He looks sooooo stinkin' cute in it! He was such a happy boy for his photo shoot in his precious hand-made outfit!

The string tie touched his lippy and now he wants to eat it!

Kellie and Mama

Ryan and Mama

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