Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Fun

It's a Camp-in! Daddy, Kellie, Ryan, and Marky had a campout Thursday night. It was so cute. Kellie and Ryan each set up their own tents and Marky just climbed all over Eric. Daddy was going to sleep on the floor and then decided that Kellie's mattress wasn't very heavy and would be way more comfy than the floor. :) It was a fun night! Joshua and I slept in our beds.... we were very comfy! :)

Well, this is our son Mark. He is a twerp and a cute one at that. At least he is totally cute, he has that going for him. At this point, he is mostly twerp. :) Today I made some sugar-free Kool-aid and had it sitting on the counter and well, all a sudden I hear what sounds like a wave hitting the floor. Yep, he had moved a chair and was going to get himself a drink. He immediately started pulling off his jammies and screaming "uh-oh, mama, I spilled." I ran to his aid and then realized, I needed a picture first. :) Ha! :) Yes, bleach does get red stains off of counter-tops. :) I LOVE BLEACH! I buy it at Costco ... that's how much I love it!

Oh, and only 2 weeks until Marky's 2nd birthday. He has 6 teeth in, and two that just cut through in the past two days. One of which was a molar. He has been so grumpy!

Here is Marky in a quiet moment. I am not saying that none of the books got ripped, but he was so quiet and reading and singing to himself. He had about 30 books all over the floor. :)

My Blue-Eyed Bear :) What a great smile! :) So cute!

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Katie said...

My kids love to have "campouts" too, so much fun! I like your new blog!