Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break!

Happy 4th Birthday Durango!
We get to share our wedding anniversary with our sweet doggie's birthday. :) April 1st! :) She got some special treats and we got to hang out together all day and run errands and then we went to the Kennedy School in Portland for 2 movies (Twilight and Slum Dog Millionaire) Both Excellent! And some great food and wonderful company! :)

What a cute little tiny man!

A Day at the ZOO!

Monkeyin' Around!

Kellie's Big Catch!

Ryan's Giant Catch!

Joshua slept through the entire zoo-- it was his very first time there!

Oohh... how cute! The baby elephant! :)


My little bears...

are sure getting big!

Mama and Papa Bear

The Sign Says: "Please do not feed the animals!" :)


What a couple of CUTE BOYS!

And a beautiful little lady! :)
We came back from camping early because of NUMEROUS signs that it was just "not meant to be" this time. We are barely home and Marky goes tearing out of the garage full speed ahead on Kellie's 4-wheeler. He had the handle bars turned so he just kept the gas pedal floored and kept going around and around and around and around in circles in the RAIN and LOVED every second of it! What a hoot!


Kellie was being a photographer and going around taking photos of everything in the camper!

Jo-Jo was a good photography subject!

And photos of yourself are always fun for a photographer!

And goof-ball Magoo, too!

Okay, I see where they get it now. :)

Feeding the J-Bird... yum yum, green beans & rice!

Joshua just laying around taking in all the camping chaos! We were stuck inside because of the HAIL coming down on us! :)

SO... what do you do when you get bored and your stuck inside a 36 foot camping trailer? Have a CHUBBY-BUNNY contets with your kids! :) Eric was able to SMASH, POKE, JAM, CRAM, and GAG in 14 LARGE marshmallows. On the 15th marshmallow he started to gag and spit them all out. :) Good Job Babe! :)

Kellie and Ryan came in at a tie for 2nd place with 3 marshmallows each! :)
Good Job my little Chubby Bunnies! :)

Playing in the sand! * No rain for a moment!

Getting ready to leave for camping and the kids were eating yogurt for breakfast andKellie decided to feed some of hers to Jo-Jo. Yum- vanilla yogurt! He LOVED it! :)

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