Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Fun Summer in Rewind

Here's a picture book of our summer... in rewind! What a great life! :)
Kellie's a big 3rd grader this year!

Ryan's a big Kindergartener this year! Joshy ran to get in the picture, too. Joshy wants to go to school when he gets BIG! :)

So handsome!

Such a pretty little Diva!

Marky's 1st day of preschool! Woo hoo! What a big boy! He was soooo excited! He kept saying "I got big, I go to preschool now!"

Lookin' good little man! Lookin' good!

Look out world, here I come!

*^*^*^ *AUGUST *^*^*^*
The BINKIE CEREMONY! Where binkies go to die and baby boys turn in to big boys! Joshy had his binkie ceremony the other day on the 29th of August. He didn't suspect a thing and didn't quite understand and then it was too late and he was crushed beyond belief! He sobbed and sobbed for 15 minutes afterwards. It was heartbreaking! He just kept saying "binkie bye bye" over and over again and sobbing. Eric and I were broken hearted for him! It was like his best friend died. We even mentioned to each other that we should just go buy him new ones! Not that we would have, but it was so sad we would have done anything just then to take away his tiny broken heart. The other boys didn't take it so much to heart, but Joshy is one emotional little man and his binkies were apparently more like family than just friends. What a sweet boy.
* I uploaded the video of him, but it showed up at the very bottom of this post so you will have to check it out at the very end. :)

One last suck of each binkie, then they get the snip snip and go bye bye forever.

What the crap just happened? What did you do DAD???? - What he must have been thinking at this moment.

I saw this going differently. - Sad Joshy

Being a big boy stinks!

Just afterwards, the boys all sat down to eat their lunch with Joshy and he was too sad to even eat! He just sat and sobbed and sobbed.

Some day it will be okay. We finally got a smile out of him.
We underestimated his attachement apparently. He cried bloody-murder at bedtime for 2 days straight. It was death for us to endure, but we finally made it through and now he doesn't even miss them.

A day at the zoo!

Hello Goat.

Okay, check out this baby! I have no idea who this baby is, but she was at the zoo and I thought she had ROCKIN' HAIR and so I had to sneak a picture of her (without the parents knowing of course, cause that's how I roll, baby!)

The mighty T-Rex! Joshy was too scared for this picture! He didn't enjoy the dino exhibit. But this random kid in our picture apparently didn't seem to mind the dinos!

This was Jake the Alligator Man's cousin Vinnie, the dino alligator. :)

Ryan got the boys dressed up. So Cute!

I looked over and Joshy was sitting there watching Elmo like this. He kept his legs like this for a really long time and so I thought I should take a picture of my crazy little twerpy!

Juliet came to splash in our creek! Playing in the creek behind our house. :)

Ryan planted a garden this spring at preschool and this was his crop! Better than we have ever gotten! Good job! Quite the little gardener!

And super handsome, too!

Kellie's Baptism - August 14, 2010

What a beautiful little princess! I love her soooo much! So so glad that I got my girl! :)

Wow, he really gets in to it when he eats!

Grandma and Grandpa Dodge moved to Washougal and they have an awesome heated pool!

~~ ** JULY! ** ~~

No, I did not have a baby girl.... this is my little neice that I got to babysit that day and her and I played "hair." She didn't appreciate her hair done, but I told her "beauty is pain" and we made it through. Didn't her piggy-tails turn out cute?

Oaks Park Amusement Park for Kellie's 8th Birthday!

At the roller skating rink! It was the kids' first time and it was harder than they thought!

Rollerskating beauty!

Baliegh, Kaylia, Krya, and Kellie

Does he look like he was having fun?
Happy Birthday, Sweetpea!

Ricky and Ryan

Joshy and "a stranger" :) We told him never to get in a car with a stranger, but we didn't ever say anything about the back of a motorcycle!

Camping at Long Beach for the 4th of July (and surrounding week)
Playing UNO with a girl they met at camp.

The beginning of the end.... Kellie pulled a tooth, she lost 4 this summer!

We found a cool skate park in Long Beach that no one was at, so it was perfect for our kiddos to try out their stunts and show their skills!

Joshy and his Lawn Mower!

Working hard, firewood boy, just like daddy.

Swimming at the campground

Back to the skate park another day! Check out these risk-takers!

This was the night of the 4th and we were down on the beach watching 1000's of people blow up and burn up all of their $$$, or, I mean, their fireworks. And this was a crazy accident that someone ELSE had. Not us! A stray firework landed in the back of their SUV and they had boxes and boxes of expensive fireworks in the back, well, it basically exploded and I happened to be videotaping at that moment and caught it all on video. This was their aftermath. Bummer. Luckily no one was sitting in the car!

Waiting for the fireworks to start!


Campin' Cuties

Sometimes they get along so well! :)


I love this picture! So cute! My sweet hubby with his adorable little ones!

Wouldn't be complete without the giant frying pan pic!

Marsh's free museum... had to go visit Jake the Alligator Man!

Family Photo time! I took all these myself with my timer and a stool. :)
The tough boys - this picture turned out hilarious! I love it!

Morning's are hard, but soft things, silky things, and binkies make them much easier!
Spring soccer kiddos!

Okay, this is weird. Marky was potty training and wanted to "stand up" and I insisted that he needed to "sit down" because he wasn't tall enough to stand. I came in to find him doing this. WEIRD! But I had to take a picture, it was too funny.

Washing the car turns in to a water park!
Ryan's Preschool Graduation - way to go man!

Jack in the box? Nope, it's a Cat in a basket.

Beautiful flowers that Eric picked and arranged for me! Aren't they awesome? He's just so good!


What an incredible summer!

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