Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a day!

Okay, so... had a sad little sicky baby in my bed at 6:00am this morning. Alarm went off at 6:45. Up with Kellie getting her ready for school. Took Kellie to school at 8:00. Then I stayed at school (I am the co-chair of the bookfair) and I worked on bookfair stuff for hour while boys fought/played and destroyed. Then at 9:00 was Kellie's Veteran's day assembly where she was singing "Our Country Tis of Thee" so we went and watched that for a half hour until the boys started making too much noise! It was so emotional for me, they had everyone in the audience stand up that was a Veteran and there was even a Pearl Harbor Survivor there.... and an Army widow from WWII, it was just emotional for me. I can't imagine.... I am so thankful for military people and their families, I couldn't do it. Anyway, then we skipped out on the rest of that and went back to the Booster room to work on bookfair for another half hour. Then off we went with all three boys in tow back home to get them fed and then ready for preschool. Boys were eating lunch and Joshua went down for a nap. I went and ran 3 miles cuting 3:15 off my time (I was in hurry) and then showered. In the meantime, apparently the boys got in to a fight in the hallway over whose chocolate milk it was and the milk ended up all over the tan carpet and white walls.... lovely. Gotta love 'em! One thing about it, my boys "encourage and inspire" me to clean all the time! Got Joshua up from his nap early, and he was none too happy about it, and then off we went again in the car to drop Ryan off at school. Back home to steam-clean the hallway and then I ended up doing the living room while I was at it. Then I put the boys down for a nap (AT THE SAME TIME... HOORAY!) and then I swept/mopped kitchen and dining areas. And to think... it's only 1:40 in the afternoon. YIKES!

Song that comes to mind: Mr. Mom by Lonestar.... :) If you don't know what I am talking about, turn up your volume! I went ahead and posted the song to my blog so you could enjoy it! :)

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