Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wrestling Season is underway!

Well, Eric's team won yesterday, but he wasn't that excited about the win. The Camas coach only sent over 5 Varsity kids to wrestle and told Eric that he "didn't feel comfortable putting 1st year kids up against Eric's kids." What a pooper! Sooo... that mean't that only 5 of Eric's varsity kids actually got to wrestle and the rest just won because the other coach was too much of a weeny to let his kids actually wrestle. :) Not the win that Eric likes to have, but he'll take it. He'd rather actually earn the win, but it stinks when other coaches see Eric's team as a threat and take the easy road out. Good job anyways, Honey! :) Eric is an awesome coach. :)
The girls sang the National Anthem again to start off the match, only this time they were joined by Kaylia, too! :) Here is the video... super cute! Kyra and Kellie have been pleasing the crowds since they were 3! Way to go girlies! :)
*** Before you watch the video you will want to scroll down to the bottom right and PAUSE my music so you can hear their sweet little voices! :)


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Pauline said...

That's my best girls for ya! I didn't know they were singing or I would have been there! Thanks for taping it!