Friday, November 6, 2009

Little People R Spooky

What a fun month! WOW, so busy! Ryan's birthday... soccer 4 nights a week... halloween halloween halloween. Seems like the halloween parties go on and on, but at least we get good use out of these costumes! The kids had so much fun at all the festivities in downtown Washougal, Camas, the church party, the school halloween parades and parties, the school harvest carnival, and of course, Trick-or-Treating. WOW. I am tried just remembering all of those events! On to November, where hopefully it will slow down a bit! :)
HOORAY for me! This is the month mark again and this month I ran 32 miles and lost 6 more pounds. (total now lost since September 26th = 16lbs.) Woo hoo.... getting so much closer to my goal and I am really loving the running. Besides probably making myself deaf, it feels soooo good to run. I sure have missed it. I love veggin' out to my loud music and being able to escape all the worries and have some time to just be by myself while I run run run! :) I'll check in again next month and let you know. **Posting this keeps me accountable! :) Oh, and a bonus for Eric, ever since I started running he's lost 15 + lbs. What a deal... I work out, he loses. Sounds like a great deal to me, lucky bum.
Kellie's Fall Soccer Team Photo! :) What a fun time we all had. She learned so much and really loves it! It gets every bit of extra energy out of them, too! :) They sleep so good on soccer days! :) Winter season.... here we come! And ERIC is going to be her coach this next season! :)
Ryan's soccer team rocked! These little guys know how to rock a soccer field! Watch out for some of them.... man, they are good, Ryan being one of them! :) What a fun time we had coaching these guys and look forward to Winter Season as well. Daddy will be coaching again. :)

Trick-or-Treat Coma! #1
Trick-or-Treat Coma! #2
Trick-or-Treat Coma! #3
Trick-or-Treat Coma! #4
And to think... we only trick-or-treated down two streets! :) And then we visited two sets of Grandparents and this was all after a soccer game earlier in the day and then the church party. :) They are going to have to build up more stamina for when they are older! :)

In their defense: Many of the driveways were UP hill!

But all the people gave them TONS of candy!

Kellie's class photo!
(Where's Waldo?)
Oh... here he is... :)
Pumpkin Decorating! We have potato-head decorations for our pumpkins. They last weeks longer than carved pumpkins AND it is not messy at all! (I know, we are cheaters... but we gave them the choice!)
Kellie's double-sided monster pumpkin

This is Marky... he always holds things in front of his face when I tell him to smile. :)

~ Fun Family Times ~

Joshua had fun, too!

Ryan has a double-sided monster pumpkin, too!

** OKAY, so we have hit this stage with Marky... the cheesy goofy smiles. :)

The Boo Bash in downtown Camas... we ran in to Maliyah and C.J. and Kia Plummer on the way out!
Look at all these little creatures... they are adorable!

JuJu came with us and she was SOOOO stinkin' cute! Sarah made her costume and it is adorable... I am inlisting Sarah to make all my costumes now! JuJu was so cute, walking around with her little pumpkin bucket on her arm like purse. She is such a little queeny. :)

The gang! ** Again, note Marky's weird smile. :)

Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy

Pippi Longstocking, Pirate, Chicken, Penguin, and Fairy Princess, Juliet
Eric is officially the chicken-man again. Not only do we have the 6 laying hens and 1 duck, but he received his shipment of baby meat chickens a few weeks back. He ordered 25 of them. We have lost only a few and they are getting big. Hungry, anyone? He moved all the chickens up to the shop and now the chickens have the CASTLE of chicken coops. It is so nice in there and he has it all seperated out with straw bales, and has warmer lights, and nesting boxes and hay down. It is fancy. Spoiled chickens! **I think he is getting these ideas from FarmVille on Facebook! :) Ha haa :)
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Love the pictures of your kiddos! You go girl! Keep on runnin'! Love you!