Friday, October 23, 2009

We MUST be doing something right!

Okay, so I am so happy! We must be doing something right! Thank goodness! I went in to Kellie's room yesterday to put some hair clips away and this is what I found on her mirror. (I keep telling my YW that I write all over my mirror.... it's true! and so does my daughter apparently!)
The day before, Kellie had stayed home sick and when Joshua took a nap, Kellie, Ryan, Marky and me went out and loaded Eric's trailer full of wood so he wouldn't have to do it that night when he got home late. It had been raining all day and we were totally lucky, it didn't rain on us at all while we were loading it, but as soon as we were done... it poured! Then later, Daddy got home and he was SUPER HAPPY that we had loaded it for him because he was soooo tired and had hurt his back again at wrestling practice and it was pouring. He got to just come in to our nice warm house and not have to do any chores. I talked to the kids about service during the day and about how happy it would make Daddy. :)
This is the picture I took: (love the messy room in the reflection?)
Here is what it said (typed here EXACTLY as our 2nd grader wrote it): "Its true when you make someone happy. It makes you happy to. Because you had served one another. That is a very good choose you picked."
I also noticed that she had colored in the first square on the chart she got about service the other weekend at church. Cute! I was warmed clear through with peace and happiness. We must be doing something right.

City of Washougal's "Pumpkin Party!"
These pictures are posted on here in the reverse order, oops! So we will start at the end and work our way to the beginning! : )

Who's that cutie?

Ryan WON 1st place on his costume during the costume contest for the 5 and 6 year old group. He won $10.00 to Papa's Ice Cream Shop!

Our little POULTRY!

Tough pirate eating his yummy ice cream!

Buuurrrr. this ice cream is cold but soooo good!


Getting candy at the carnival games

Mama's little monkeys at the Pumpkin Party in downtown Washougal. It was a lot of fun and we totally lucked out on the weather. It poured all day and we weren't going to go and then when the kids got off the bus it had cleared up, so we hurried and went down there and it was perfect the whole time!
What a cutie-pie pirate! :)

Well, there's trouble!

Joshy ran all over the place having the time of his little penguin life! SO cute!

Pippi Longstocking! Recognize those braids? Kellie LOVES Pippi and is reading the books. I rented the movie for them early this Spring and that is when she decided she was going to be Pippi for halloween! Ryan wanted to be a pirate because of that movie, too. The I got Kellie the book and movie for her birthday back in July, she was soooo excited! :)

Mama's lil' penguin!

Our little critters are soooo stinkin' cute!

Marky was supposed to be taking a nap in our bed today. Joshua was in their room sleeping and they never "nap" together, it just turns in to a party and then both boys are cranky. So, Joshy was asleep and I thought Marky was, too. I heard someone an HOUR LATER jumping on my bed and came in to find this little crime scene! ONE little monkey jumping on the bed and his babysitter .... Durango. He said, "mama, look, Rango sleeping with me!" Um, yeah, I see that you are really sleeping well, Marky. Little Stinker!

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