Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our busy busy lives!

Okay, so it may not seem like such a big deal to you, but it is to me! I can finally WEAR MY REAL WEDDING RING after not being able to wear it for over 2 1/2 years! Crazy! Dang pregnancies! Anyway, it is on and I can actually get it off, too! :) So happy!
From 9-7-09 to 10-6-09 (1 month) I RAN 30.5 miles and lost 10 lbs. That doesn't include any of the walking I did before and after my runs each day, but I was pretty proud of myself! So far this next month I am up to 4 miles. :) RUN MISTI, RUN! :)
My big baby girly learned how to ride a bike on Saturday 10-10-09. Now she's 7 years old and on her way! :)

At one point she was a good distance away from me and I could hear her cheering herself on and giving herself a little pep talk. So cute! :)

Whoo hoo.... goooooo Kellie!
Kellie's first ever soccer game! They tried so hard but that other team was just really tough! Her team only scored 2 goals, but Kellie scored one of them! Way to go Kellie Bean! :) Good job babe, we are proud of you! :)

A beautiful fall day at the Pumpkin Patch! :) So much fun and a Dodge family tradition.


Ryan's 5th birthday party at J.J. Jump! Super fun and Marky got a little crazy with his cupcake.

Ryan's getting so big and adorable! He is 5 years old now! What a big boy!

Lots of fun at JJ Jump!

What did our son want for his birthday most of all? An ax. I know, it is werid, but Eric promised him an ax for his birthday and so he got one! Of course, it is kept up, away, and hidden until he is working with Daddy under VERY close supervision. I was surprised that of anything he could have for his birthday, this is what he wanted most.

He even got a super cool new 2-wheeler bile! We took the training wheels off. He learned how to ride a bike about a month ago when we were trying to teach Kellie. :) Of course, now that he actually has his own bike, he is being all scared to ride it. So we will have to work with him some more on it. :)

Ryan's birthday party at preschool. So cute! Ding dongs for my little 5 year old ding dong and lots of birthday wishes! : )

Grandpa Dodge's Pumpkin Patch!

Joshy thinks this one tastes good! :)

Marky found a pumpkin!

Grandpa's hayride!

Ryan is becoming quite a good little soccer player. He is a great Goalie and really keeps after the ball on the field! Ryan scored 2 goals at his first game! Way to go buddy! Here are some photos of his first game ever!

Coach Daddy! :)

I was watching Juliet this day and the babies decided to play a video game together. :) So cute!

Our little man is a walking fool! :) He started walking on September 18th ago and now is almost running! :) What a cute little man we have!

Kinda makes me sad though, cause he is our last little twerpie to learn to walk. Oh well, I love this age and stage and I plan to enjoy it!

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