Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Read ONLY if you like to smile!

Okay, so let me explain... Mark had just gotten out of the bath and came running out naked and as a new birthday bird in his best suit, and Daddy was bringing in FIREWOOD at the time! Marky LOVES firewood and anything Daddy does, he must do also. So he started bringing in firewood in his birthday suit! What a nut! :)

MY LITTLE PUMPKIN! The shirt say's it all. What a dolly! This shirt used to be Kellie's and has been worn by ALL 4 of my precious lil' pumpkins! Goofy boys! Keeping busy while Kellie and Ryan were riding bikes!

Do you like sloppy kisses? Check out this adorable Big Kissy Video Staring My Littlest Man!

Kellie is off and zooming! What a big girl!

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