Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A busy busy March .... And it has only yet begun!

Sarah and Juliet and Ryan, Marky, Joshua & Myself all went to the mall today. The boys had fun running around playing while Joshua was over on the bench trying to make his move with little Miss Juliet! He has his hand on her leg... but based on her smile, I think she approves!

Joshua is not sure if he likes Juliet better or his TOES better! :) Such a cute little pair, don't you think? They are so stinkin' cute! :)

Birthday Balloons! Woo hoo! :) We love balloons!

Our little Jack-0-Lantern! Kellie lost her first "naturally lost tooth" the other day. She had a very wiggly bottom tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy! :)

We keep teasing her about not being able to eat corn-on-the-cob this summer! :) Ha ha!~

Juliet and Joshua just smiling their day away! :) Cute!

Ju-Ju says, "what in the heck is this weird giant thing that just licked me???"

We are so happy! :) So Smiley! I watched Juliet the other day for a bit for Sarah and the babies had fun smiling for pictures! :)

Daddy & his little peanut buddy. :)

Kellie and Ryan enjoying some birthday celebration Cake and Ice Cream! YUM!

Grandpa and Grandma being goofy with Kellie, Marky, and Joshua. Joshua is driving his "horsey," Kellie. :) Grandpa is driving his "burro," Marky. :)

Grandpa and his little buddy. :)

Grammy and HER baby boy. :)

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