Friday, March 6, 2009

What the Hey-Diddle?

I have a friend who scans funny things that her little (I think 2nd graders) turn in to her. Things of hilarity, confusion, and questinoable nature. So.... I decided to scan a recent item that Kellie came home with. :) Ha!

Puff the Magic Dragon? What they heck? Okay, on Kellie's behalf she does LOVE the book Puff the Magic Dragon (you know... who lived by the sea). Anyway.... this came home from school the other day and it was of questionable nature. After asking Kellie to "Tell me about her drawing" she stated that the questionable thing is the the green dragon. Okay. Okay. I understand. Anyway, we thought it was a very questionable "dragon" and also the fact that it had a friend's phone number written on the top left hand corner of it was only adding to the confusion in my mind. Things that make you go "hhmmm......".

I think we will invest in an art class for her so she can sharpen her drawing skills. Perhaps LEGS on the "Dragon" would have added to the picture. :)


The Gustafson Family said...

That picture is funny! When I taught first grade I had to ask the kids, "Tell me about your picture..." all the time!

Chris and Sarah said...

I wish I found that in MY class!!!!