Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who lost their Leprechaun $?

Green Eggs and Ham! Yum!

A Leprechaun came and brought us dinner tonight! On the menu was everything GREEN we could find! Green Eggs & Ham & Cheese rolled up in green spinich tortillas and shamrock shaped breadsticks w/ green sprinkles, green jello w/ green whip cream for it, and green apples, grapes, and kool-aid, green salad w/ green peppers and cucumbers (& tomatoes) and of course for dessert.... mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)

Earlier in the day we had a lucky Leprechaun treasure hunt. The kids scrambled around hunting for chocolate coins that the Leprechaun had left behind. :) Fun!

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone!


Katie said...

Looks like fun! All I did was green fruits and veggies and green jello jigglers. Fun!

ess said...

Wow! That little leprechaun is super creative! =)