Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness

Ryan started his Bug Ball Soccer Class and LOVES it!

These are his new friends. Ryan was so funny he kept being goofy so this little girl would giggle. She kept giggling and giggling and had the cutest little giggle. Oh Dear~ Trouble in the making.... my handsome little blue-eyed charmer. :) She sure thought he was special.

This is so much fun! Ryan, and all the kiddos, had a blast!
We can't wait until next time!

Good Morning Baby Bear!

We had no idea that Mark was in bed with us this morning. Ha!
He had crawled in and made himself a nest between us.

So Cute!

I peeked in to the living room and they were watching a cartoon and they were all being "friends." Sometimes they are so darling togehter. :)

Napping baby... oh so precious

Jo Jo & Ju Ju
7 1/2 months & 8 months old
Giggle, giggle, squeal, squirm

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