Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Hero

Our Community Hero~

Eric was honored today as a Community Hero in the area of Education. :) He saved a boys life back in September who was choking at lunch and had begun to turn blue. :) Today he was awarded an engraved Red Cross medallion, a placque, and a personal thank you letter from Congressman Brian Baird. :) Very cool. Plus, a great breakfast in a room with 500 people. It was a very nice set-up and a great presentation. The DVD is awesome and moving, so just in case you ever want to get goosebumps.... come watch it! :)

Me & My Hero :)

This is the kid whose life he saved! Good job, Coach Dodge!

This is "Cody the Dog." He was the PET HERO. He saved his owners life when he woke her up when she was sleeping through her house burning to the ground.
Cute, eh? :)

This was the little girl who was the "Youth Hero." She is only 6 years old and she saved her baby brother and herself when their van went over an embankment. They were alone in a parked running car in her driveway. When it rolled down the driveway and off the road. So cute. :)

There were 4 others and they were all AMAZING and touching and goosebump giving stories. What amazing people we have in our community and in our own family! :)


Pauline said...

what an inspiring morning and a great way to start my day! Thanks for letting us share it with you!

Marianne said...

I am truly proud of you, Eric, buth then, I always have been.

ess said...

Hi Misti! I just found you on Allysia's blog! You look beautiful and sooo happy! What a darling family you have. =)

ess said...

ess is me, Esther (York) Ogden. Thought that might need some clarification! =)